At ArteGia we support organisations in Indonesia that aid LGBTQIA+ communities and Arts & Creative communities. 
Not only do we strive for a free and safe society to be able to be your divine self, but also to be able to explore your own strength and creativity through artist expression. 

We support the following communities since 2021:

A Balinese badminton club with a large LGBTQIA+ member base, founded by Ketut Dharma Wanzha, with the intention of creating a safe haven where everyone, no matter your gender or sexual preference, can be their authentic self whilst enjoying one of Indonesia's main sport, badminton.

Kimberly Tarifa, from the ArteGia team, who resides in Bali, has always played badminton since her early years. When she moved to Bali, she joined PB. Meriah, where she felt welcomed from the beginning. Through the joy and connection she developed with all members of the club, she felt it was the perfect community for ArteGia to sponsor. "In an Asian environment, where being heterosexual is still perceived as the status quo, I have been inspired by all PB. Meriah members in how they deal with their own personal situation and their acceptance and positivity towards the future. It was an honour to be able to contribute to their 8 year anniversary tournament, called the Allstar Tournament that was held on 12 & 15 December, 2021."