Celebrate You - The Bali Chronicles edition



Mother of Pearl Mamuli signet ring

Harper's bazaar

Pyrite Mamuli Sculpt necklace - limited ed.

Madisin Rian

First African American top model for Armani Beauty wearing our Pyrite Mamuli sculpt necklace.

Mother of Pearl Mamuli signet ring

Vulkan Magazine

Triple Pyrite Mamuli Necklace - Limited ed.

Maliq Johnson

Netflix actor from the serie the Grand Army, Maliq Johnson, wearing our Triple Pyrite Mamuli necklace for Fault Magazine.

Turquoise Mamuli Necklace - Limited ed.

Sapristi Magazine

Eye of the tiger mamuli necklace

weekly style magazine

about us

“Our collections depict stories of our Indonesian heritage and feminine energy that empowers the wearer"

We are ArteGia. A jewellery & lifestyle brand that narrates Indonesian heritage in contemporary classic designs. ArteGia is a family business consisting of Gianita Brinkman, Kimberly Tarifa and Bagua Jody. An eclectic designer, engineer and artist of mixed Indonesian, Dutch and Italian roots based in the Netherlands is our formation. 

Our collections depict stories of feminine energy that empowers the wearer. Divine feminine energy of creation, healing and nurturing the NEW is a core inspiration for our designs. The combination of East and West in the NOW is essential to us, whilst it unleashes the feminine divine within. We encourage our jewellery to be worn by all genders.