Mother of Pearl Necklace Gold


This Mother of Pearl pendant is part of the Triquetra Collection and perfect for a classical look.
The Mother of pearl is of high quality harvested in Indonesia and the pendant is hanging on a delicate dotted chain.

Material & Dimensions
Necklace and pendant accessories are made of 925 silver with 18ct gold plating.
Size: Necklace length 45cm, Pearl bead 7,5x10mm

For layering your necklaces have a look which length you desire. Necklace Sizes
Mother Of Pearl also known as ‘Nacre’ is the internal layer of many oyster shells. It comes in various shades from light to dark and it is Mother Of Pearls' iridescence that gives it its beauty. They say the stone attracts prosperity and promotes intuition, luck and happiness and integrity.

Jewellery Care 

All our jewellery is made of sterling silver or made of sterling silver coated with 18/22-carat gold, and set with authentic gemstones. In order to ensure optimal quality, it is important to handle your jewelry with care. Therefore, we recommend taking off your jewelry while:

o Showering/washing
o Sanitizing your hands with alcohol (more specifically for rings)
o Sleeping (especially necklaces)
o Spraying perfume, oils, lotions
o Swimming
o Exercising / playing sports
o Cleaning

Additionally, store your jewellery away from the sun in a cool & dark place, if possible in something that is airtight, to avoid oxidising of the jewellery.


Our sterling silver and gold plated jewellery have a warranty of 3 months. In order for the warranty to be valid we expect you to return to us your faulty item in full, to receive a replacement. 
Please note, there is no warranty on the fading or discolouring of the gold plated jewellery.

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