Bagua Jody Weekly 1: Manifest a new fiery passion of new sense of freedom.

Dear Kindreds,

How are you today? What do you want to MANIFEST in 2022?
In my case it is a new fiery PASSION, a new sense of FREEDOM and new GENTLENESS towards myself and to unleash my inner rockstar.
More than a decade ago, pre INSTAGRAM @baguajody, I fearlessly expressed myself through the implementation of art in the high fashion world. 
'Is there a place in the world for me in this fast paced world, where the interior world doesn't seem to match the exterior? What does fashion mean? How can it connect on a deeper level? Is art, fashion and fashion art?'
My emotions were channeled through art and couture pieces that seemed to be ahead of the times then. As an über positive and enthusiastic, entrepreneurial person I presented my portfolio at numerous places, AFRAID but FEARLESS at the same time. It resulted in 3 Amsterdam International Fashion Week,  art and fashion installations,  a few covers and interviews where my art and I were featured front and center. 
It was the opening of a long bumpy road, where falling and rising was my normal.
As the OUTSIDER, who is excentric, an immigrant, eurasian, gay, empathic, altruistic, idealistic and highly sensitive I knew that I needed a long breath to find a harmonious middle to build my confidence, cv and vision. Cancel-culture was huge in the dream world of fashion and art, that was dominated by a select few who kept the doors closed to outsiders with ambition and talent.
Self criticism was a big issue for me. Am I good enough? I never gave up and focussed on my mission and vision, anchoring faith, healing, confidence and self reflection.  
In these times where DIVERSITY and EQUALITY are finally starting to be the NORM (still a long road ahead) to be your authentic self and to express who you truly are,  is AMAZING to me. I was born for this time and am so happy that I got my fire back whilst having a peaceful heart ;). 
This L'OFFICIEL magazine cover symbolizes my vision and IRREVERENT attitude towards creating chances for myself. I applaud my younger self for daring to be different with a rock and roll determination towards SELF ACCEPTANCE. A rebel without a cause became a rebel with a cause.
Deep red GARNET to me is the stone of passion and MANIFESTATION. 
This red TRANSFORMING stone gave me the backbone to DARE and let SELF DOUBT quiet it's voice into POSITIVE ACTION. 
I hereby humbly conclude my first BAGUA JODY WEEKLY.
Remember, YOU are amazing ❤️
Bagua Jody